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                    The security market change into the evolution stage?
                    作者:衛力 來源:衛力 時間:2017-02-21 15:05:35

                    The traditional security to security for the position, with the development of network technology, the security concept is being extended in 2016, on the one hand with the whole industry and accelerate the action, on the other hand to enter more cross-border, the security market bustling, all the layout of enterprises just around the intelligence and data the two line is deep, to to achieve a qualitative change still has a long way to go, but the road has become increasingly clear that the newspaper invited the Fujian high security technology Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Li Chen discussed in view of the present market trends and business policy!


                             The meaning of intelligent security I think first of all, from the user's point of view, is simple, we have been emphasizing the simple user experience. This and the consumer advocates in the process of installation and operation of security products in minimalism is the same, but also can reflect the inherent function of the product, and how the intelligent degree is an important performance of the. There is a linkage between the product and the product, so that the so-called intelligence and security to form a whole. According to the actual situation of the user DIY customized security system to meet the growing needs of the flexible expansion of product portfolio, which is also an inevitable trend of traditional security to the development of intelligent security.

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