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                    Private Policy
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                     We are very valued clients private. We may collect, use and store users information when user enjoy our service.If you do not provide related information, then you will not register successfully or can not enjoy the service which we provided.  We are explaining how we collect,use and store information through this Private Policy.This private policy have close relation ship with the service which you enjoy, please read it carefully  and according to it to do the suitable choices.

                         1. The information which you provided

                    When you register an account or enjoy your services, you will provide your private information such as mobile phone no. Email .etc; The information which you shared to other places via our service and the stored information when you enjoy our service. Those information are only using for retrieving passwords.


                    2.The information which we collected when you enjoy our service

                    Log information: this means when you use our service, the system will through other ways to collect technical information automatically, including: device or software information, such as your mobile devices,used to access the configuration information provided by other programs that we serve,tour IP address and the version and device ID used by the mobile device, you through our services to communicate information, such as the communication account, as well as communication time, data; We will automatically collect the information and save it to the server log, or write it to the phone to save the area, such as:

                    There was an error or an exception when using the app;

                    Processing failure, we will put the wrong log into the internal storage area.



                    3.The information which we may stored:

                    It means when you use our service and devices, then you will store mobile phone no. In the device and also had been encrypted. This software can only be read or written and will not be used for other purposes.   

                    Local storage

                    The data cache and user data will be stored in the database for local storage processing.


                    4. After-sales service

                    If the user in the course of the use of problems can contact the sale or distributors, so that we can upgrade and improve the product in a timely manner.


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